A roof is a building’s most valuable asset. Preventing problems through proper maintenance keeps small issues from becoming larger ones. Properly maintaining a roof can prolong its life and delay the inevitable – roof replacement.

Maxx Roofing offers tailored Roof Maintenance Plans featuring our trademark attention to detail and customer dedication. Customers are often surprised by what collects upon (and damages!) commercial roofs in just a short span of time.

Here is what we do:


First, we perform a complete examination of your roof which includes cleaning debris from the roof. Using our extensive checklist, we will inspect all critical areas of the roof needing attention. We will then clean your roof of debris that may be hindering proper drainage and overall roof performance.


Next, we will make minor repairs to your roof as soon as they are discovered. We will repair any minor deficiencies per the maintenance agreement that are preventing proper roof performance. We will then report all findings and provide you with a detailed report complete with roof diagram, analysis and photos.

After a Maxx Roofing inspection and cleaning, the roof is restored to optimal performance.


Finally, if needed, we will prepare an estimate for work required beyond minor repairs
to restore your roof to acceptable roofing standards. With your written approval, the work will be completed. We will account for all work performed on your roof in a printed report complete with photos.

After initial inspection and restoration of your roof, we will examine your roof every six months to:

  • Inspect
  • Clean
  • Repair
  • Report
  • Restore


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